About Manada

Manada Construction Company has served the agricultural community for 35 years, excavating sites for dairy, swine, and poultry farmers as well as working with the conservation districts in implementing conservation practices. During this time, as farming operations grew, a demand arose for a better way to store manure than the typical clay or concrete lined earthen manure storage. It was 15 years ago while working with a prominent hog producer on a large sow operation in shaley ground that we first installed an H.D.P.E Liner for animal waste storage. Since that time Manada Construction Company has installed hundreds of liner systems from Vermont to Virginia and surrounding states. Years of experience have allowed us to become the leader in H.D.P.E. lined manure storage systems in the Northeast. What sets us apart from other liner installers and excavation companies is our commitment to agriculture. While other companies focus their attention on commercial or residential work, we make agriculture our top priority. From this we have gained knowledge of the needs of our customers and the agricultural community.

Today Manada Construction Company is especially involved with dairy expansion and the many challenges of different types of bedding and manure handling systems. Many times Manada Construction Company is involved in the complete process, from the initial planning meeting at a farmer's table until the lined manure storages are complete and operational. Our customers have found that they do not need a large concrete or steel structure to safely store animal waste, which allows more spendable dollars towards cow comfort and milking facilities. No matter what your manure storage needs, call Manada Construction Company and ask about our H.D.P.E. lined manure storage facilities. Manada Construction Company is proud to be a partner of ag-business, N.R.C.S, Conservation Districts, and the many fine agriculture consulting and engineering firms in doing our part to keep agriculture profitable for future generations.